When Summer Gives You Lemons … Time for Lemonade

Summer time eating is great – amazing produce, fruit, fresh fish- but so is the drinking! And no, I am not talking about rose´ and fruity cocktails, though those are delish. I am talking about lemonade. I have never met a person – child or grown up – who does not like lemonade, and there is something so irresistibly summer about seeing the neighbor kids (or your own) selling lemonade on the sidewalk.

Lemonade is a great recipe to make with kids. Squeezing lemons, either by hand, hand held gadget or electric juicer is something almost any child can help with. And of course, so is adding sugar, though be warned they will ask to “taste” the sugar. Just to make sure it is still good and worthy to be added to the lemonade of course!

For a long time, my standby recipe was that of the queen of summer cooking, Ina Garten. Her recipe uses crushed ice and a blender so it adds a great level of frothiness. She also shows you how to add a bit of grenadine to make it pink.

Recently though, I found this great “lemonade primer” from Design Mom which is lemonade 101. It’s very helpful and informative, especially if you have not had much lemonade making practice.

Whichever recipe you use, one of these, an old family fave, etc, remember to include the kids. It’s a fast, fun, refreshing activity for a hot summer day, and you don’t even need the oven.


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